Alpha Arms proudly distributes Patriot Ordnance Factory Rifles to your agency or licensed retail store. POF is the original gas-piston AR style rifle, relentlessly reliable, exceptionally accurate, high-performance, low-maintenance, best in its class and all-American. Alpha Arms provides you with efficient supply, expert product advice, and prompt personal service. Contact us for ordering information and direct access to official POF training and factory support.

Patriot Ordnance Factory Rifles


POF Rifles


Why Choose Alpha Arms?

We are not interested in selling every firearm the market has to offer – just the best. We sell Patriot Ordnance Factory because POF is the best tactical and practical rifle, and as experienced shooters, we recommend it. Our long-standing, local relationship with POF gives us an edge when it comes to providing our clients with a steady supply, expert advice, and related support services.  Read More

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