About Us

At Alpha Arms, we are committed to provide the best products and services for professional agencies and enthusiast shooters through our client retailers. We are also committed to promoting shooting through training and sport, with a focus on safety and introductory training for women and new shooters.

Through our founders, Alpha Arms has a longstanding relationship with Patriot Ordnance Factory and its superior, innovative, relentlessly reliable and accurate rifles. We are in Phoenix, so we have direct local access to POF’s factory, service, and training. We offer knowledgeable recommendations about configurations and accessories.

We specialize in distributing POF’s industry leading rifles to client retailers and law-enforcement agencies. When you order through Alpha Arms, you’re not just getting the finest tactical and hunting rifles available, you’re also investing in our promise to deliver reliable shipments, expert advice, and individualized customer assistance.

Gayle Kunz
President, Alpha Arms

Gayle runs Alpha Arms to be as reliable for clients as the POF rifle is for professional operators. By communicating with clarity and precision, working with a team, minding details, delivering what is promised, and correcting problems on the spot, Gayle makes Alpha Arms reliable for you, the customer. Before founding Alpha Arms, Gayle honed theses disciplines and practices as a private security team member, a business administrator, and a service organization President.

Outside of business, Gayle enjoys shooting as recreation and for personal defense. Firearms training and experience in her University days gave Gayle a deep appreciation for the ability to protect herself and her loved ones, and the liberty to carry a gun. That appreciation continues, and is one reason that Alpha Arms offers introductory firearms training for women.

Adam Kunz
Vice President, Alpha Arms

Adam Kunz assists Gayle with planning Alpha Arms business operations, conducting business with clients, suppliers and vendors, supervising Alpha Arms personnel, and conducting training for new shooters.

As a practicing attorney, Adam represents clients in business negotiations and litigation of business and regulatory disputes. His practice includes representing Federal Firearms Licensees before the BATF, and establishing Arizona Gun Trusts to preserve firearms and firearms rights across generations.

Adam is a lifelong shooter and firearms enthusiast who first learned from his father and the Boy Scouts. Adam and has taught firearms safety and marksmanship since he was sixteen-years old. He is an NRA Certified Instructor in Handgun and Defense in the Home.