Alpha Arms provides safety and shooting training classes at CowTown Range, an outdoor training facility with traditional ranges, action shooting, and training on varied terrain and over multiple elevations.

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Courses taught by Patriot Ordnance Factory's certified instructors:

  • POF Armorer’s School (POF Rifles only)
  • POF Armorer’s School (POF Rifles + AR-15 gas impingement action)
  • Introduction to the Patriot Ordnance Factory rifle for POF owners
  • POF Carbine (short range action shooting, 0 to 200 yards)
  • POF Mid-Range (200 – 500 yards)
  • POF Long Range (500 – 100 yards)

Alpha Arms provides scheduling services for those interested in the above listed POF training curriculum.

Courses offered through Alpha Arms by NRA certified instructors:

  • Basic Handgun Instruction for Women (small class only)
  • Personal Protection In the Home for Women (small class only)
  • Basic Handgun for Everyone
  • Personal Protection in the Home for Everyone
  • Introduction to Hunter’s Golf
  • Introduction to Hunter’s Miniature Golf

These courses take place at Alpha Arms' training center in CowTown Ranges